Can I buy additional guns to my package?

Yes, you can. Any guns from our "Armoury" can be tried. The number of shots will depend on the caliber of your chosen weapon. Just click on the "Add More Weapons" option when making the booking of your package then browse and select the requested items.

Can I change/swap the guns in the package or shoot a custom programme?

No, we will not swap the guns, as others shooting the same package in the same slot might feel wrong about it. You can buy additional guns to your package though. Just click on the "Add More Weapons" option when making the booking of your package and feel free to choose from our "Armoury".

We have capacity to accomodate custom requests. More details: Terms & Conditions.

Can I shoot the guns full auto or silenced?

All of our firearms are live firing ("real bullets" coming out of them) and the assault rifles (AK47, M16 and other big evil black rifles) and submachine guns (UZI, MP5 and other small nasty black rifles) are semi automatic models (one trigger pull = only one BUMM and one "real bullet").

According to the regulations live firing fully automatic weapons (one trigger pull = lot of BUMMs and lot of "real bullets") and sound suppressors/silencers are restricted for military and law enforcement only.

What we offer to shoot on full auto is a blank firing (one trigger pull = lot of BUMMs and no "real bullets") conversion, not capable to fire live ammunition. Because there will be no bullet coming out of the barrel they have much less of a recoil, but otherwise it is a similar experience. Such guns are included in the Shoot 'Em All package or can be purchased as a supplement to any other packages.

Our silenced guns are mock up versions equipped with fake suppressors and not capable of reducing the sound of a shot at all.

We are a group of X persons. Can we shoot different packages in the same slot?

No more than two different packages can be run conveniently at the same time. If you intend to visit us with your female partner who is a bit anxious about the experience it is allowed and strongly recomended to book an easier package like the „Basic” or „Police Special” for her.

I’m alone. Can I join a group?

Most probably you will be joining a group anyway, as we usually put small groups together (up to 12 persons) for rationalization purposes.

Can I just show up and shoot some guns?

No, you can’t. We only sell packages. You can book any of them in advance and pay the deposit on-line to confirm your reservation or you can come on Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, pay in full on the spot and shoot our „Basic” package.

I don’t have a credit card. Can I pay cash in full on arrival?

Sorry, but we don’t accept reservations without deposit paid on-line in advance. Alternatively you can come on Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm pay in full on the spot and shoot our „Basic” package.

Can I share a package?

No, you can’t share a package. 1 package is for 1 shooter.

How far you are from the city center and how long does it take to get to you?

We are 15 kilometres to the south from the city center and it is around 20-30 minutes drive by taxi. By public transport it can be even 1-1,5 hour depending on your start point and tram/metro/bus schedule.

What is the best way to get to you by public transport?

Please visit our „Contact” page where you can find route planners to figure out the best way.

How much is the taxi?

Depending on the distance and the traffic circumstances it is usually cost around 6000 HUF (20 EUR). For further info, please visit the webpage of City Taxi here.

Are spectators allowed to come and watch?

Since our space is limited, no more than 20 persons can be allowed into the range at the same time without compromising the safety and the experience of the event. With 1 shooter / 1 group there can be maximum 3 spectators. We appreciate if you let us know the number of spectators in advance.  Everyone will be provided with PPE (safety glasses and ear protection) as well, so that they can come in and watch, make pics and vids.

Can we take pictures and videos?

Yes, you can take pics and vids during the session and also when all finished you can pose with the empty guns.

Can I take the empty shells?

If you travel by airplane your luggage will be screened at check in and empty cartridge case(s) will most probably be found. It is not against the Hungarian Law to bear an empty shell, but you can not take it to an airplane, even in your luggage. It may result in prosecution and you take sole responsibility for all possible consequences.

What's the language of the instruction?

All instructions will be given in English.

What should I wear?

The shooting range is an indoor facility but the ventillation system brings fresh air from outside as it is. So the temperature will be pretty much the same as outside, without any rain or sunbeam of course. Please wear something sporty or casual accordingly. Also bear in mind that guns can be oily and greasy, which is essential in order to keep them in good working condition. Therefore wearing a black tie or a fancy designer dress is probably not the best idea. Flip-flops and high heels should be avoided as well, if possible.

Can a pregnant person participate?

The answer is a big red NO with three exclamation marks!!! Around the 24th week of the pregnancy the unborn baby will hear the noises from the outside world. As you may know, a gunshot is quite loud. Unless you want that child born hearing impaired, do not go into the live firing area if you're pregnant!

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes, there are number of options in the area. Check HotelsCombined to compare hotel rates in Budapest.

Can I share the extra guns?

No, 1 extra gun is for 1 shooter (you can not share the bullets).

My child wish to shoot. How should I reserve?

Shooting services are available for persons over 14 years of age. For customers under 18 years of age the law requires a valid competition licence. We can obtain this only in advance, so you have to reserve at least one week before!

You should send a booking request through the website with the deposit and must provide the person's

  • full name
  • place & date of birth
  • mother's full maiden name
  • permanent residence address
  • and a digital picture in .jpeg or similar format.

The cost of the licence is 5000 HUF - what you have to pay on arrival - and usually takes 5 days to receive it. We also require at least one parent to be present and agree to let the person participate.

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