If you are looking for an exciting activity in Budapest, then look no further!
Discover the unbeatable firearm experience with us!

  • - Have you seen them in the movies?
  • - Have you played them on your PC?
  • - Have you read about them?
  • - Have you ever shot a real one?

Come and shoot with real pistols, revolvers and rifles at Celeritas Shooting Club!


We have the widest selection of guns in Hungary.

Pre-set packages for your convenience.

Real firearms experience for anyone - No firearms license needed!*

Indoor shooting range, all weather & year round facility.

On-line booking.

Helpful staff, professional instructors.

Exciting, fun and safe.

Corporate events, stag groups, friends, couples and individuals are welcome!

NEW! RPG-7 available only at Celeritas!RPG-7

The new member of our armoury offers the unique experience of firing a Russian made RPG-7 grenade launcher! For obvious reasons not with a real anti-tank warhead, but with a Hungarian made PUSZ-7 training barrel instead. This will fire a non-explosive, traditional 7,62mm inert rifle projectile, which has similar trajectory to the real grenade. This way the original PGO-7 optical sighting system of the weapon can be used. When you opt for this gun a small tank silhouette target sheet is provided to test your anti-tank skills :-) Add it as an extra to your package today and have a blast!


Make your event memorable - instead of a standard paper target shoot at your own souvenir target T-shirt.

Paper targets are included in the package at no cost. T-shirt targets are available on the range for 2500.- HUF or 8.- EUR per each. Just tell us when you arrive, then we let you shoot all your handgun rounds into it so that you can proudly wear afterwards full with authentic bulletholes!

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