The Great War package

The Great War World War I was unprecedented in the slaughter, carnage and destruction it caused. Basically it was fought by 19th-century tactics against 20th-century technology. Hundred years passed since the 11th hour of the 11th month of the 11th day when the hostilities formally ended. If you would like to get a hint of the horror of the trench warfare and charging on no man s land, here is a chance to try the weaponry of the major powers without the danger of enemy machine gun fire, shrapnel or poison gas attack. In order to enhance the experience all service pistols, revolvers and rifles in this package are original WWI issued, collectible pieces.

The package will be available as of January 2019.

I. Package details

Ammunition Duration Group size Price
129 1-2 hour min. 1 - max. 6 145 EUR per person
43500 HUF per person

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II. Package guns

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